Free Fire Character Filter: Discover Male, Female, Active, and Passive Abilities

Discover 59 diverse characters in Free Fire, each with unique abilities! Filter by gender and skill type for optimal gameplay.

A collection of various characters from a free fire game, each with unique outfits and poses, against a grey background.

Till OB43 update (January 25, 2024), there are a total of 59 characters in the Free Fire game, featuring both male and female characters. Each character boasts unique abilities that significantly aid players during gameplay. These abilities are divided into two main categories: Active Ability and Passive Ability. Players can utilize one Active Ability per character and combine it with three different Passive Abilities.

Here, we provide a list of all characters in the Free Fire Game, where you can filter and shortlist all male characters, all female characters, active ability characters, passive ability characters, and the most popular characters.

Free Fire All Characters

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