TSG Jash Free Fire UID and Gameplay Career

Discover TSG Jash, a Free Fire sensation with a level 68 profile, UID 123643969, and 13M YouTube subscribers as Two Side Gamers.

TSG Jash's Free Fire UID profile screenshot within the game, showcasing stats and achievements.

Tsg Jash’s Free Fire UID is 123643969, and Tsg Jash’s in-game nickname is “TSG|JASH|”. Their in-game level is 68, and their profile has received 34,016 likes.

Tsg Jash is known as Two Side Gamers and is a popular Free Fire player in India. They are renowned for participating in numerous tournaments, contributing to their widespread fame. Tsg Jash also has a YouTube channel named “Two Side Gamers,” with a subscriber count of 13 million. They regularly upload Free Fire videos on their channel.

Born in 2002, Jash Dhoka resides in Mumbai and is 22 years old. Jash collaborates with another person named Rithik on their YouTube channel, which has accumulated 1.3 crore subscribers and 1900 uploaded videos so far.

Tsg Jash has been playing Free Fire for the past 5 years and has gained significant popularity, amassing 1.3 crore subscribers on their YouTube channel within this period.

Jash Dhoka also has another YouTube channel called “Jash Dhoka Vlogs,” with 1.7 million subscribers, where they upload journey-related videos. Jash Dhoka’s Instagram ID is Jash_dhoka.

Tsg Jash Free Fire UID and Gameplay Profile

Jash Dhoka’s Free Fire UID is 123643969, and their in-game nickname is “TSG|JASH|”. They have played a total of 7160 squad games, 2538 duo games, and 1390 solo full-map games. Details of their gameplay profile, including Solo, Duo, Squad, and CS (Clash Squad) are provided below.

TSG Jash Free Fire BR Solo, duo, and squad gameplay performance, metrics, skills and achievements.
TSG Jash BR Gameplay achievements

TSG JASH Solo BR Gameplay

  • Total Solo Games: 1390
  • Wins: 115
  • Eliminations: 3183

TSG JASH Duo BR Gameplay

  • Total Duo Games: 2538
  • Wins: 258
  • Eliminations: 5023

TSG JASH Squad BR Gameplay

  • Total Squad Games: 7160
  • Wins: 1692
  • Eliminations: 17082

TSG JASH CS Gameplay

AVG Damage Per Match327
Headshot Rate32.58%
Win Rate50.10%
Double Takedown643
A screenshot of a Tsg Jash statistics in a Free Fire Clash Squad game.
Tsg Jash CS statistics

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