Ashish Gamer World Free Fire Uid and Gameplay Statistics

Ashish Gamer FF UID is 314523715, known as AGW ASHISH 24 on Free Fire. He's famous for game update videos and plays well. He's also in the Partner Program.

Free Fire uid profile screenshot of Ashish Gamer world, a character wearing stylish clothes standing with a gun.

Ashish Gamer’s Free Fire UID is 314523715, and his nickname in Free Fire is AGW ASHISH 24. He is a famous YouTuber and Free Fire player. He is well-known for his Free Fire update videos. He uploads videos about Free Fire updates on his channel, as well as gameplay videos.

Ashish is also a part of the Free Fire Partner Program, which is why he has a V badge. Garena sends him all the items first so he can share complete information about events with his fans.

About Ashish Gamer

Ashish Gamer’s real name is Ashish. Ashish also uses social media, and his Instagram ID is ASHISH_GW. You can see his photos on Instagram and get more information about him. Ashish started his YouTube channel on November 29, 2018. He uploads updated videos on his YouTube channel and provides very good information to all players.

His YouTube channel has 498k subscribers and has uploaded 1k videos. His videos are very popular. After learning about his introduction and YouTube channel, let’s now know about his gameplay.

Free Fire UID and Gameplay Profile

Ashish Gamer World, known in the Free Fire community for his engaging content and skilful gameplay, has made a notable impact through his solo gameplay statistics. his Free Fire ID is 314523715, and he is at level 72 in Free Fire, with a total of 16275 likes.

Free Fire uid profile screenshot of Ashish Gamer world, a character wearing stylish clothes standing with a gun.

Solo Gameplay

Total games1523
Top 10524
Top 10 rate 34.41%
K/d 2.82%
Avg survival time 8’13”
Road kills 65
Headshot 1050
Headshot rate 26.74%

Duo Gameplay

Total games1955
Top 5545
Top 5 rate 27.88%
K/d 2.64%
Avg survival time 7’40”
Road kills 19
Headshot 1185
Headshot rate 25.79%

Squad Gameplay

Total games11763
Top 33243
Top 3 rate 27.57%
K/d 3.00%
Avg survival time 7’40”
Road kills 186
Headshot 6661
Headshot rate 22.67%
Ashish Gamer Free Fire BR Gameplay statistics.

CS Gameplay

Games 4276
Wins 2621
Win rate 61.30% 
K/D 1.82%
Headshot 7527
Headshot rate30.31%
MVP 1486
Ashish Gamer Free Fire CS Gameplay statistics.
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